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What if I’d like to volunteer to serve?

We are very grateful for all the volunteers who devote their time and energy serving God and the body of Christ. We believe that God has placed a call upon each individual, many of whom are fulfilling that call through volunteering. It is incredible to see God’s gifts and talents at work in each person & the combined body of Christ being used to further the Kingdom of God. Many lives are being changed as God annoints these individuals and their efforts.

There are many areas that need faithful volunteers to help. We are truly grateful for everyone’s sacrifice and pray God’s blessings on the volunteers and those being ministered to.

We pray that God will continue to add to the Church people who are ready to be used by God. We love and honor each and every individual that serves at Bread of Life.
Check out the ministries link to see the different areas of ministry at BOLRC.

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Our Services

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Sunday Services
Sunday Morning Worship & Service – 10:30 AM
Sunday Evening Worship, Teaching & Ministry – 5:30 PM

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Mid-Week Teaching
Wednesday Evening – 7:00 PM
Mid-Week Teaching

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Project 24/7 Youth Wednesday Evening – 7:00 PM
Worship, Teaching, Training, Ministry

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Intercessory Prayer Monday Evening – 7:00 PM
Bold, Passionate, Caring Prayer sessions