Meet the Pastors

Meet The Pastors


Pastors Greg & Penny King

Pastor Greg King is the senior pastor of Bread of Life Restoration Center of Jackson, MO since January of 2006. Prior to planting the church in Jackson, MO Greg King had served for over a decade as a worship leader in the spiritual move of God and as associate Pastor.

As a pastor, Greg has the great ability to teach under the power of the Holy Spirit, ministering with a great love of a true shepherd and breaks the barriers of the enemy through great passion to see people free in the Lord from any form of addiction or oppression.

Pastor Greg has a true desire to lead people into a greater relationship with the Lord through the power of restoration ministry and revival glory. It is his heart to see people freely worshipping and serving the Lord in a practical way while experiencing the great glory of the Lord through his unconditional love of the Father. Greg truly has the heart of Love and a great desire to minister through this great love and bring life to those who are lost, hurting, or dying.

Greg has been in the ministry for over two decades and the fire of God continues to grow in him each and every day. Greg’s wife, Penny, has a strong gifts in teaching and administration and helps to oversee the nursery and children’s ministry areas. They are both a great blessing to those around them. Pastors Greg and Penny have two beautiful daughters and four grandchildren.


Pastors Chris & Brandee Reagan

Chris Reagan, associate pastor at Bread of Life Restoration Center, brings a level of wisdom and experience that far exceeds his years. A charter member of Bread of Life, Pastor Chris has an incredible grasp and passion for God’s Word, providing fresh revelation and understanding through his teacher’s anointing inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Chris has a great gift of discernment which, through the Holy Spirit, allows a protecting watchful eye over the body of Christ. His love for God drives his passion to bring people into the presence and glory of God, experiencing Him more intimately, more passionately, and in His freedom.

With many years experience as a former youth pastor, Pastor Chris also oversees the youth department and strives to prepare the next generations to take their mantles and double portions of anointing into the world as God has called them. He has lead our youth on numerous domestic and international mission trips instructing them firsthand how to share God’s love, making disciples through tangible displays of God in us.

Chris’ wife Brandee is an anointed prophetic singer and songwriter. She has a fire for God that burns in her singing, touching the hearts of many and breaking the chains that bind them through the power of the Holy Spirit. Chris and Brandee are the parents of three beautiful children, and budding ministers.